Torogh Sport Center

A sport center, shops & office units

Date designed: 2005

Location: Mashhad

Area: 36,000 Sq.M

Client: Mashhad Municipality

Ofogh Arghavan Complex

Mixed development of 1.1 million square meters  including an indoor theme park

Date designed: 2014

Location: Mashhad

Area: 1,100,000 Sq.M

Client: Ofogh Energy

Winner of a national competition in joint collaboration with Bavand


Torogh Development

Shopping mall & office blocks in the park

Date designed: 2005-2006

Location: Mashhad

Area: 50,000 Sq.M

Client: Mashhad Municipality


Shopping mall & office units

Date designed: 1999-2003

Location: Mashhad

Area: 62,000 Sq.M

Client: Mashhad Municipality



Indoor theme park

Date designed: 2009-2011

Location: Mashhad

Area: 60,000 Sq.M

Client: Sepad Khorasan Co.

Arghavan Village

A village consisting of 1,100 villas around cetral park

Date designed: 2009

Location: Taraghdar

Area: 144 hectares

Client: Institute of Khorasan engineers

Winner of a limited entry competition