Cultural and Leisure resort

Structural plan for a cultural and leisure resort.

Date: 2012-2013

Location: Mashhad

Area: 500 hectares

Client: Mr. Mobarak


Theme Park

Theme park landscaping and theme design

Date designed: 2011

Location: Mashhad

Area: 37 hectares

Client: Sepad Khorasan Co.

Sepad Structure plan

Leisure and cultural Resort

Date designed: 2009-2010

Location: Mashad

Area: 170 hectares

Client:SEPAD Khorasan Co


Leisure Centre

Structural plan for a leisure resort in an area of natural beauty.

Date designed: 2010

Location: Chalidareh - Mashhad

Area: 172 hectares

Client: Chalidareh Co.



Leisure Centre

Structural plan for a leisure resort.

Date designed: 2009

Location: Taraghdar / Mashhad

Area: 50 hectares

Client: Narboo Corporation


Indoor theme park

Date designed: 2010

Location: Mashad

Area: 60,000 Sq.M


Nohdarre Park

Landscape design of a 300 hectares land

Date designed: 2004

Location: Mashhad

Area: 300 hectares

Client: Mashhad Municipality


Torogh Park